Weights & Measures

Weights & Measures

The County Auditor is the Sealer of Weights and Measures and is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all commercial weighing and measuring devices throughout the county. The Division of Weights and Measures protects both buyer and seller from possible loss which may occur from inaccurate weighing and measuring devices such as scales, scanners, retail motor fuel dispensers and meters. The Auditor/Sealer is charged with the legal responsibility of ensuring that all State and National Laws relating to Weights and Measures are strictly enforced. Each County Auditor appoints one or more inspectors to assist with the enforcement of weights and measures laws.  

Commercial devices are inspected and tested to insure those devices meet the criteria of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the National Type Evaluation Program. Audits and Tests are also performed on packaged items a store may weigh such as meats, cheeses, produce and non-food items. These tests are conducted to insure the product meets or exceeds the labeled net weight. Price Verification testing is also done to make sure there is no misrepresentation of pricing.

County Sealers are certified by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and must successfully complete the mandatory Minimum Training Requirements established by the State. Inspectors must pass all National Institute of Standards and Technology tests to attain certification. Continuing education hours are required each year for the inspector to maintain certification and for the county to be in compliance.

The Sealer of Knox County is responsible for testing over 420 Fuel Meters, 150 fuel blends, Propane & Vehicle Tank Meters and nearly 1000 devices each year. These services are performed to “Maintain Equity in the Marketplace”. If you believe a device is not performing properly, or for more information, please contact the Knox County Auditor’s Office, Weights and Measures Division at (740) 393-6825. More information concerning Weights and Measures can be found on the Ohio Department of Agriculture's site.

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